Collaboration, Business Ownership, Work Life Balance…

I haven’t written on WordPress for a long time.

I’m in the thick of and the prime of my life. I feel blessed.

My family, friend, and Professional circles continue to grow.

I’m involved in a beautiful collaboration, with an added location which will be announced on social media and in my community, within the next few weeks.

I will be teaching yoga at couple of new places this summer as well, More to come on this!

As I spread my wings with my colleagues, in yet another endeavor, I realize I’ve been at it a long time.

It is no easy feat to be a small business owner – it is not for the faint of heart. I’ve taken breaks and gone smaller when my family has need this.

Many years ago, within my studio I worked with with several fitness instructors, then down to a few and for the last couple years, at my studio, I’ve been solo. It’s been fun, but a bit lonely.

Working with more people brings me a fresh perspective, light, and TIME. Having equal partners and collaborators in this additional space feels good too!

We will be excited to reveal more, soon!

For now I’m still enjoying my private fitness, yoga, meditation and Reiki clients. I have classes Sunday -Wednesday too.

Come see me!

The Benefits of Warm Yoga

So you are looking for a class that builds strength, balance and flexibility.? An hour that makes you feel invigorated and challenged, yet releases stress? Warm yoga could be your ticket to paradise.

Practicing when it’s warm, enables all the benefits of hot yoga without the risks.

I teach an 84 degree Fahrenheit class every Sunday at 5:00 pm in my “cool” little studio.

Toasty Vinyasa Yoga allows the body to sweat a little more readily, removing a few extra toxins in the form of sweat. The added heat enables muscles to experience the postures at a deeper level. Most clients also note more kinesthetic awareness on the mat because of the change in temperature. For many the ability to breathe more deeply in a warm room, is evident, especially in the winter months: The difference in temperature allows the bronchial system to relax and open. Plus it just feels really good.

Each time I teach a warm class I like to believe to believe I create a little Tapas, (transformation through heat or fiery discipline, in Sanskrit) .When we take Tapas off our mat and into our lives we are able to apply it to almost any challenge.

So tonight, as I do almost every Sunday night, I’ll be “sweatin’ with my omies”!

Long time no blog….

Meditation, fitness & yoga practices still going strong. The studio pulses on, full of life and love. I call my space a vortex of goodness. I feel so lucky to attract the people I do!

Self care is also a practice. As my soul continues to awaken I lean in. Experiencing joy, pain, trepidation, confusion, elation, boredom as the fleeting emotions they are. I strive for balance and contentment in my life-(Santosha in Sanskrit.)

Gratitude comes in waves, gazing at my life today, in a semi-objective manner. I am amazed by all of it.

The topic this week in our yoga classes -Awakening To Ourselves…


Our society is one of “more is better”.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram , invite many of us to post and boast several times a day.     (I will add here that my profile picture is enhanced, my first attempt at this.  I look…well… brighter I guess.)   There is even an acronym, FOMO,( fear of missing out) related to social media addiction.  Many worry about not having “it all”, not being relevant or noticed.  When I am a slave to this idea, I miss out on the precious moments of my life. I have a deep and abiding gratitude for all that I have and all that I have been spared.  Every now and then I can still get caught up in the hoopla of having instant access and the ability to post my thoughts in “real-time”.  The irony of posting about bordering on social media addiction is not lost on the blogger.

The challenge lies in finding moderation in all things.  Be it work, school, food, exercise, social media  ( add yours here). I am a business owner/ active volunteer in my area.   I am also a social butterfly.  I keep my finger on the ever changing pulse of my online connections.  Sometimes this leads to burn out and I take a break, other times this inspires me to actually “do and be” some of the things I read and write. In some circles this is called “walking the walk.” In mine it would be called “breathing the breath”.

I was a paid blogger for a while and may be again soon. Right now it is just important to show up at the keyboard.  For me, it is time to blog about something or nothing.  If you have read my previous posts, I am all over the place as far as topics go.  I have even posted about this very topic before at some point!

Today I am full, today I am content.  One of my positive affirmations is : “I have enough, I am enough.”

Today I do!20130121-104614.jpg

Tea With Tootie

Today I walked over to my friend Tootie’s house. We have known each other for 38 years, she is about 20 years my senior. The mom of one of my best friends since age 15, I met her the day after I met him.

I have always been welcome to “pop in” for tea. Tootie’s son and I have had an interesting and sometimes intensely bizarre and rewarding friendship, which is another story.

Tootie is like no one I have ever met. My own mom is a wonderful woman who taught me a lot about life. She worked from the time I can remember. From her I learned about independence , how to take care of myself , a great work ethic and all of my other values. I love and respect her always.

Ours was a home of Maxwell House coffee, Lipton Tea, and Sara Lee cheesecake, a dog and a cat and a mom and a dad and a brother. We experienced some complexities and challenges but had a pretty good run overall. Very standard in many ways.

When I was 18 I moved from the tiny town I lived to the bigger town that Tootie lived. (It is actually the town in which I reside now, I came home through the back door 30 years later in 2010.)

The first apartment in which I lived was a real dump. My friends affectionately referred to it as “the stucco fleabag flop house.” It was the 70’s -we described everything in irreverent and outrageous ways!

The building has since been torn down. It was my first taste of life on my own. I had a mattress that doubled as a bed and a couch , I bent it up against the wall during the day. It was covered with a brown fake fun fur bedspread. At night it was where I slept. Eventually I saved up for a genuine Naugahyde couch and chair.

A couple of blocks away was Tootie’s house. Tootie was the first person to introduce me to house plants ( I would end up having 44 of them), she taught me about herbs ,how to grow them, and about exotic tea, way before it was chic or mainstream. Tootie had a garden and “bought local” way before that was ” in vogue ” too.

At Tootie’s house she was the mom, there was a hard working dad ,two boys and two girls. I became a regular fixture there. I grew close to all of them . Mostly her house , along with my friend Karen’s house, were my soft spots to fall, when independence didn’t look so appealing. ( Karen’s house is worth a blog post too at sometime).

Tootie lost her husband two years ago, she lost her son, my best friend’s younger brother, (who was also MY dear friend) two weeks and two days ago.

So it is finally my turn to RETURN the favor. Loaded with Chamomile , Lemon, Apple, Raspberry and Green Tea in my pockets, I “popped in” for tea with Tootie today .

Company and memories can be a balm for many wounds. She and I know a lot about each other’s rough areas. She accepts me always, warts and all. I love her deeply, and will offer to her tea and sympathy, love and conversation for as long as she needs.

Walking the two and a half blocks to that same house, I was the 53 year old woman that I have become, most edges smooth and round feeling poised and almost eloquent . On the way home I was age 15 again -raw, rough, happy, sad, and amazed at my good fortune. Knowing it is a gift to have people in my life who “knew me when” and can see me now. Lucky to have someone who I can see clearly and respect immensely .

Dear Marty ,
You are surely where the good ones go after life on this earth is done. I hope you can see me now. Please know that I will “pop in” for tea and anything else she needs.
I love you both so much.




One Thing At A Time

One of the things that helps me find peace is doing one thing at a time.  We are a society of people who have cell phones attached or nearby 24/7 , laptops not far away,  TVs and/ or music on  almost all the time.  All of this is “happening” while we are also having  conversations,  cooking supper, doing of laundry, working,  – you name it.  The very tools we have created to be connected with the world and one another have taken on a sense of unnecessary urgency. For many of us a compulsion.

Our filters for answering a text, or checking the web, etc. have tuned out the people directly in front of us.  There is also a sense of addiction for many of us, a way to “escape” while still sort of being “present”.  Much of our society does not know how to be alone without being “plugged in”.

I am vowing to do more of my life one thing at a time.  When I visit my mom I will leave my cell phone in the car.  Lately when I drive, I have no music on!  It  is my way to do ” just ” the task of driving (imagine that). In the morning I try to take up to an hour to breathe, move and stay deeply in touch with myself.    Yoga and mediation are my choices, but many things work, walking, watching nature, petting the dog ( or two in my case).   I have to get up early to do this, but I faithfully do so and it helps.

I recently reconnected with an older friend who  mostly just has a TV and her “landline” as forms of communication.   On occasion, her sister or daughter  may share some news  obtained from  a Facebook post.   But the newspaper, phone and TV seem to suit her just fine.  And mostly ( when I have been there)  the TV is off. This woman seems at peace-not disconnected from the world at all.  There is a composer about her that I can only identify as someone not compelled to do anything.   Her way of life  is almost like living “off the grid” to many of us!    I don’t know if I would or could go that far.

I do know that paying attention to the beauty right in front of me is very important.  I will savor the moments with the people in my life, face to face, the here and the now, and enjoy all of it!

Navigating career, family, and ever- changing roles.The quest to live simply, wholly and spiritually- while marching to the lovely beat of my always active, wonderfully warm, fabulously fun, frequently fragile life!