HOT Power Flow (Level 2) Pai yoga & fitness- Tuesday 9:45 am.

In a long, dimly lit, ninety-five degree room, two rows of serene, yet eager-looking, students were waiting . From “It’s time to begin today’s Practice.” to Namaste’, the sweat was ON!

The description of the class: For experienced students who are already comfortable with the basics, and yogic breathing. OK. No one is prepared for “the basics” at the equivalent of the hottest summer day in Ohio. The weather channel has advisories to the frail and elderly to “stay away” from just living a regular life in this kind of heat.

The Yoga Teacher began the class. Lauren’s bio, impressive, her personality calm and knowing. The theme offered for Contemplation during Practice was about endings and beginnings, cycles in life, letting go of the old, to make room for the new. Good stuff to contemplate while dripping.

HOT Power Flow ( YOGA) Level 2 is described as; introducing a greater variety of postures, and sequences inter-mixed with sustained holds. It was all that and a bag of pretzels ( pun intended). The class, as promised, was challenging, and left the author, feeling stronger, revived and cleansed. Most attending, including my very own yoga mentor who invited me, seemed familiar with the style. The flexible and strong majority flowed through the sequences and held sustained poses with relative ease.

The first personal interaction I had with the Teacher was midway through class. She quietly asked me my name, and then offered a correction. It was the first of several corrections that were offered to me during the class. As Oprah says, “When we know better we do better.” Doing better in this class, has become a goal.

The lobby, storage, rest rooms, changing areas, and studio itself, were sparkling , clean, and minimalist. One of the signs of our times is the ability to pre-register to hold a spot in class, online. Waiver signing was made easy, by the pretty woman in the lobby, she was helpful and kind in every way. The music played during our Practice was unfamiliar, yet fabulous. Yoga props of all kinds were offered as well. High praise in almost all areas. Perfection would have been a few words of warm welcome from the teacher, offered before class.

HOT Power Flow Level 2 is a “must do” for anyone healthy enough to sustain heat and vigor. The suggested towel, was indeed needed, for me, my mat, and the surrounding area of my mat. The also suggested twenty ounces of water previous to class, ended up on the floor.

PAI yoga & fitness in the Trader Joe’s shopping center.

6367 Sawmill Road, Dublin, OH 43017