A Tisket A Tasket

When I was 15 years old, my maternal grandfather died. He was one of the only men in my young life who took an interest in me.

Grandpa was a superb businessman! I like to think I inherited some of his work ethic and skill. I learned to play Euchre sitting on his lap from the age of five. He helped me improve my cursive writing the summer between third and fourth grade. Showing chickens was one of his hobbies,, he shared “Bantie” stories with me sometimes too.

At his funeral I was given a choice of flower arrangements to take home . I chose two Peace Lilies in a huge basket. I have collected baskets ever since. Over the years I have probably had hundreds. I give many of them away, after I keep them for a while.  Baskets can be used for gifts, storage, and decoration. The first one from his funeral, remains with me always. In the photos below, it is the big empty one with the handle sitting on the red carpet! Recently my mom gave me a large poster -sized framed newspaper article about his life. It is one of my new, old most prized possessions, along with the basket.