One Thing At A Time

One of the things that helps me find peace is doing one thing at a time.  We are a society of people who have cell phones attached or nearby 24/7 , laptops not far away,  TVs and/ or music on  almost all the time.  All of this is “happening” while we are also having  conversations,  cooking supper, doing of laundry, working,  – you name it.  The very tools we have created to be connected with the world and one another have taken on a sense of unnecessary urgency. For many of us a compulsion.

Our filters for answering a text, or checking the web, etc. have tuned out the people directly in front of us.  There is also a sense of addiction for many of us, a way to “escape” while still sort of being “present”.  Much of our society does not know how to be alone without being “plugged in”.

I am vowing to do more of my life one thing at a time.  When I visit my mom I will leave my cell phone in the car.  Lately when I drive, I have no music on!  It  is my way to do ” just ” the task of driving (imagine that). In the morning I try to take up to an hour to breathe, move and stay deeply in touch with myself.    Yoga and mediation are my choices, but many things work, walking, watching nature, petting the dog ( or two in my case).   I have to get up early to do this, but I faithfully do so and it helps.

I recently reconnected with an older friend who  mostly just has a TV and her “landline” as forms of communication.   On occasion, her sister or daughter  may share some news  obtained from  a Facebook post.   But the newspaper, phone and TV seem to suit her just fine.  And mostly ( when I have been there)  the TV is off. This woman seems at peace-not disconnected from the world at all.  There is a composer about her that I can only identify as someone not compelled to do anything.   Her way of life  is almost like living “off the grid” to many of us!    I don’t know if I would or could go that far.

I do know that paying attention to the beauty right in front of me is very important.  I will savor the moments with the people in my life, face to face, the here and the now, and enjoy all of it!

4 thoughts on “One Thing At A Time”

  1. Well written, and right on the mark! I agree with you totally and will be using some of your ideas as well as sharing this with many. Thank you, Linda


  2. You have written what I have felt foe some time now. The sense of “unnecessary urgency” is stress for me. I think I create a certain amount of my own stress. Your piece today is being stored in my mind. I want to recall your words to use in fulfilling my resolution for 2014; to simplify. Thanks, Alice.


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