Our society is one of “more is better”.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram , invite many of us to post and boast several times a day.     (I will add here that my profile picture is enhanced, my first attempt at this.  I look…well… brighter I guess.)   There is even an acronym, FOMO,( fear of missing out) related to social media addiction.  Many worry about not having “it all”, not being relevant or noticed.  When I am a slave to this idea, I miss out on the precious moments of my life. I have a deep and abiding gratitude for all that I have and all that I have been spared.  Every now and then I can still get caught up in the hoopla of having instant access and the ability to post my thoughts in “real-time”.  The irony of posting about bordering on social media addiction is not lost on the blogger.

The challenge lies in finding moderation in all things.  Be it work, school, food, exercise, social media  ( add yours here). I am a business owner/ active volunteer in my area.   I am also a social butterfly.  I keep my finger on the ever changing pulse of my online connections.  Sometimes this leads to burn out and I take a break, other times this inspires me to actually “do and be” some of the things I read and write. In some circles this is called “walking the walk.” In mine it would be called “breathing the breath”.

I was a paid blogger for a while and may be again soon. Right now it is just important to show up at the keyboard.  For me, it is time to blog about something or nothing.  If you have read my previous posts, I am all over the place as far as topics go.  I have even posted about this very topic before at some point!

Today I am full, today I am content.  One of my positive affirmations is : “I have enough, I am enough.”

Today I do!20130121-104614.jpg

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