The Benefits of Warm Yoga

So you are looking for a class that builds strength, balance and flexibility.? An hour that makes you feel invigorated and challenged, yet releases stress? Warm yoga could be your ticket to paradise.

Practicing when it’s warm, enables all the benefits of hot yoga without the risks.

I teach an 84 degree Fahrenheit class every Sunday at 5:00 pm in my “cool” little studio.

Toasty Vinyasa Yoga allows the body to sweat a little more readily, removing a few extra toxins in the form of sweat. The added heat enables muscles to experience the postures at a deeper level. Most clients also note more kinesthetic awareness on the mat because of the change in temperature. For many the ability to breathe more deeply in a warm room, is evident, especially in the winter months: The difference in temperature allows the bronchial system to relax and open. Plus it just feels really good.

Each time I teach a warm class I like to believe to believe I create a little Tapas, (transformation through heat or fiery discipline, in Sanskrit) .When we take Tapas off our mat and into our lives we are able to apply it to almost any challenge.

So tonight, as I do almost every Sunday night, I’ll be “sweatin’ with my omies”!

Long time no blog….

Meditation, fitness & yoga practices still going strong. The studio pulses on, full of life and love. I call my space a vortex of goodness. I feel so lucky to attract the people I do!

Self care is also a practice. As my soul continues to awaken I lean in. Experiencing joy, pain, trepidation, confusion, elation, boredom as the fleeting emotions they are. I strive for balance and contentment in my life-(Santosha in Sanskrit.)

Gratitude comes in waves, gazing at my life today, in a semi-objective manner. I am amazed by all of it.

The topic this week in our yoga classes -Awakening To Ourselves…