Joyful tears while switching gears I am still … seeking perfect harmony,

I am a fitness pro with 20 plus years in the industry as an avocation, fourteen  full-time as an instructor/business owner.  Add to this experience a new passion a bit later in life…teaching and practicing YOGA and you have the next right step, this blog.

After about a year of traveling all over the state of Ohio and around the country, pursuing my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training, I have been changed from the inside out and the outside in.  It sounds so very cliché yet true.    Practicing vinyasa yoga has changed my heart, mind, spirit and soul.   Also my approach.

The stronger the women in any culture, the stronger the culture in general.   It is my hope to inspire a bit of strength, a thimble-full of wisdom, and a few smiles.   This blog is the song in my heart.  I will be sharing a combination of greatest hits and deep cuts.

Trying to maintain meaningful relationships while cultivating new career endeavors and growing personal goals is daunting. Writing about the process definitely helps me: It is my hope it will help you too, or at least be entertaining. Offering to the reader a peek into my life through photos, quotes and day-to-day experiences at home and in my field. Offering to myself a place to “show up”. Hoping to write with humility, heart and humor. Enjoy.

Family, Friends, Fans and anyone else who stumbles upon this …. Thank you for reading my stuff. From a publishing perspective my site looks young and scattered. I am learning the format as I go. My mind is full, my emotions run deep, my soul and my spirit are strong. I offer to you whatever comes to my brain from my heart, my head and my hands.



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Navigating career, family, and ever- changing roles.The quest to live simply, wholly and spiritually- while marching to the lovely beat of my always active, wonderfully warm, fabulously fun, frequently fragile life!

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