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Social Media Break

I have read spiritual writings from every source imaginable since I was a kid. Most of us reach “out there” to find the contentment within. I have made tremendous progress, I want to keep going.

Practicing and teaching yoga has helped me rediscover my authenticity. It is a process, not an event.

I have a few special friends who “knew me when’, who are also on a quest of the heart, mind and spirit. A lot of times I hear my friend Karen’s voice in my mind saying “It is your life so whatcha gonna do?” This questions inspires me to keep deciding, editing and breathing.

The better question for me at this juncture may be “Who ya gonna be?”

I “live out loud” every day; fearlessly sharing my past and present life circumstances as a way to connect. I have said many times I do not believe it is our assets which unite us, but the way we handle our struggles. Many of us believe we are “terminally unique”. We are more alike than not. If my thoughts, feelings and experiences help anyone, great. If not, I am writing almost everyday which is the goal.

I see facebook as one of the best/worst things that has happened to our society. Twitter doesn’t interest me much, my blog posts land there and on Linked In. Those sites do not lure me as facebook does. So for now, for at least a month, I am taking a break from all the hoopla on my page. Nothing earth shattering has happened. Yet after so much participation, promoting my business, sharing inspiring quotes, ad infinitum ( I love is this expression and use it as much as I can) I can say that I am bordering on addiction.

Addiction is rarely good.

Today activities: working with clients, the next to the last day of public classes and taking care of my daughter who is a bit under the weather. I won’t be checking facebook in between. I will be reading my books, petting my dogs and enjoy being “unplugged:!

Reflections and Reflections

I was texting with my oldest daughter yesterday. We were talking about weight, again. It is a common bonding topic uniting women from every population sector. It seems to me that the closer one is with someone, the more she will reveal her feelings on body image.

Later in the day, I spoke with one of my BFF’s from high school. I am home with the flu this week, so the conversation was short but meaningful, my voice lasted about 40 minutes. I could have talked another three hours. I love her. We have been blessed with the gift of knowing one another very deeply. We can truly talk about anything. The topic of weight came up in that conversation too. More than weight, body image. It got me to thinking.

In my mind, I have always been ok-looking. My weight has fluctuated as I have mentioned in other posts. ( Exposing Myself Weighty Issues) I have changed my hair color often. The year I turned 40 ( 12 years ago!) I changed my hair color so many times, my family was considering an Intervention! My famous line: “It is a lot of work to look this average!” My lively personality gets me through life. Never have I based anything I have tried on my looks.

I am reading about how to write a better blog. I am usually not brief. That is the suggestion, so I will revisit this weight/body image topic often and reign in this post. In my texts with my daughter and my phone discussion with my friend, these are the points that were covered. All of them sadden me.

In my life I have been very thin and significantly overweight. I was treated better by society when I was very thin. I do not know if it was because I projected a more confident stance or not. When my weight was too low my life was at a very difficult point, as a result I was extremely thin. Another challenging period I was very heavy. I have a 90 pound range, as I have mentioned. When I am in the middle, I am physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. I was treated better by society when I was thin and sad, versus heavier and sad. I still don’t know what to think, but I lived here in my own skin so I can say this with certainty.

The other thing that came up was women in movies. Emma Stone and Drew Barrymore were two “medium sized” girls. Truly one of the things I loved about both of them was and their “comfort” in their own skins. The natural, “girl next door” look each possessed was appealing. Middle size in Hollywood is fat. To register average size on camera one must be thin. To appear thin on camera, one must be close to emaciated. I do not believe most of Hollywood is in the 5 percent of the population who is rail thin no matter what. I am not a thin basher. In fact I know a couple of people who are in that group, each struggles to gain weight. An issue with which I am not personally familiar, but sympathize.

When the Oscar nominations were read the other morning by Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone, Emma Stone was a bone. I imagine a lot of people thought she looked “great”. I didn’t. The other thing I noticed was that women my age are not only getting thinner by the minute, but also many of them in Hollywood are starting to look like Michael Jackson, midway through his plastic surgery adventure.

Both Drew, before she had her baby and now Emma, jumped on that Skinny Train. They did not trim down for health reasons, each would have registered completely fine on a BMI scale. I am disappointed. Soon we will see photos in some magazine about how Drew lost her baby weight. Sigh. Celebrity society sometimes misses the point and forgets to celebrate the baby.

Back at the ranch with the rest of us: To pretend that we don’t think about how we look would be wrong. I love to decorate my house with mirrors. I always have. Not because I am vain. Two reasons: My mom did and I love the angles, light and reflections. That said, I see myself a lot of the day many ways.

Lately when I walk by one, I am looking at what I see. I am an aging lady, who has experienced a lot of life. My hair has become wild, but will never be gray, ( I have been totally influenced by our society in the hair color realm), wrinkles from many smiles, lines on my forehead from being hugely expressive, and dark circles under my eyes which are genetic, look back at me. I am good with it most days. I have chosen topical vs. surgery or injections to enhance my thinking more than anything else. One definition of a quality problem: To ask yourself bangs or Botox? When half the world is starving, it is almost embarrassing.

There is no hiding in my profession. I sweat my make-up off every time I teach and my body moves how it moves. My clients see what they see each time I teach a fitness class or practice yoga with them. Since it is offered from the heart I am free. Blessed with good health, a tremendous amount of energy and ability to do my profession at a high level daily is not taken for granted. Many of my clients are ten to thirty years my junior. As long as I am able to move, breathe, feel and give, I will.

No conclusion here, just thoughts. I value the exchange I have with my friends, daughters and mom. I am blessed.

Finding Balance- Even In Posts!

Writing daily will be a challenge. Balancing how much of my personal story I want to share will be too. I wrote and removed a blog yesterday. It was probably too much information for the message I was trying to send. Many times I think if “my story” will help someone else I should tell as much of it as I am able. Although this is my goal, sometimes the details get in the way of the bigger meaning. Yesterday’s piece was that for sure.

Right after I posted, one of my yoga mentors called me out of the blue about business. As usual we got into a discussion about life. She said…”Shift happens.” She sent me a follow-up email affirming my direction.

With dignity, honor, and respect I am closing the public classes at my studio to develop other areas of my career, my life, my family and my spirit. I am returning the business model of traveling on site to corporate classes, one on one and small group trainings. I have also been asked to help develop a new program in the area I live. The shift is what works best for my life. To those of you who have been with me since the studio opened, I thank you. To those of you who have read with interest about my studio, I send you blessings. It has been a fun ride. I am grateful to have had the experience. Nothing is forever.

To all my local readers:The places in our area offering group fitness are as follows:

Delaware Jazzercise
Delaware EZ FIT
Metro Fitness
Delaware Community YMCA

Making Room For Greatness.

I love to help other women feel strong.  Obviously in my profession, but also in my personal life.  Whether it is my friends, my daughters, my daughters friends, my mom, my mom’s friends, my clients or ad infinitum, I want to provide inspiration for a happier life for each of us.   I am not talking about that bra-burning  “I am woman” stuff of the seventies.  ( Although I like it a lot.)   I am talking about the loving sisterhood of respect.  Honoring each other’s choices with love.   I know this is my mission it is important!   The most healthy societies are those in which women feel empowered.

On any given day each of us can be can be feeling frumpy and fat, fairly frustrated, ferociously feminine, freakishly fanatic, feverishly fetching, fabulously fit, forthright and free,  fashionably funky,  about any other “f” word you might like to add.  Sometimes I can be all of these in one day.

Remember this: Let’s love ourselves, and each other. Let’s support one another’s choices.  Let’s make room in our lives for friends, fashion, fun, fitness, food, freedom and fabulousness.   Let’s compliment each other more.  Let’s hug!   By offering a bit of ourselves, we  make room each of us to shine a little brighter.  We grow happier.  We grow stronger.  We GROW!    And we sparkle!  We feel whole.  It takes nothing away from me to tell my friend how pretty or smart she is.

I am giving a directive, it will change your life.   Offer a sincere compliment to another woman, one a day for a week.  Find something good about your friends, sisters, co-workers, teachers, whomever you want!  Make a genuine observation and say it!    It changes the recipient, for the moment or the day.  It changes the giver, forever.

Try it!


Alice’s Remix

Eat good food!
A fun photo!

Two things came up this week with family, friends and colleagues. Balance was one, the other gratitude. The notion of an actual gratitude list was mentioned to me both in a yoga training and by a friend.

My mom bought me a book for Christmas in 1999, called Simple Abundance. I have been practicing a gratitude list on a regular basis since then. This got me to thinking. I have been consciously seeking to find that which is meaningful for most of my life. What I offer here is nothing new. Sacred Scripture, recovery books, yogis, gurus, Sages, therapists, and inspirational authors have written these suggestions. Here is what I have discovered works for me. I try to adhere to all of this with progress, not perfection in mind.

Alice’s Remix To Achieve Santosha ( Santosha is the Sanskrit word for contentment, I am learning Sanskrit at a grindingly slow pace. See # 22)

1. Make a gratitude list daily. Add prayer and meditation, or quiet time when ready.

2. Love is a verb. Offer it by words and deeds to my family, friends, and dogs, as often as possible.

3. Eat well, drink water, rest, sleep, exercise, practice yoga, breathe.

4. Find beauty in nature every day.

5, Respect and honor everyone’s journey. We don’t know what we don’t know, about other’s lives.

6. Make new mistakes. ( Thanks Karl!)

7. Learn a new skill.

8. Find a passion-in work or play.

9. Offer compassion instead of advice.

10. Listen, really listen, to others.

11. Identifty instead of comparing, comparison leads to competition, in life the winner is contentment.

12. Eat chocolate.

13. Remember from where you, came be grateful for it, move forward if it was challenging.

14. Live in the moment with the long view in mind.

15. Respond instead of reacting. (I forget this one sometimes)

16. Laugh often.

17. Find inner peace in whatever way is meaningful, scripture, prayer, meditation, service, nature.

18. Offer a sincere compliment or smile, it costs nothing and it may make someone’s day.

19. Love.

20. Be okay with being kind instead of right. Practice this.

21. Try to spend quantities of quality time with loved-ones.

22. Learn a new skill and use it.

23. Be open and honest.

24. Look for the best part of every situation, learn from it.

25. Offer service whenever possible, it will help the recipient as well as the giver.

26. Lead by example.

25. All religions in the end say this” Be good, do good.” ( Thanks Sandi!)



Weighing and Measuring

Balance is key to being happy.  Balance of our precious resources.  My list includes but is not limited to; my physical being, time, money, energy, relationships, spirituality and work.  My friend Karl used to say “Make new mistakes.”  I am here to tell you that one of my repeat mistakes is the whole “too many irons in the fire” lifestyle.  The good news is I am recognizing it early in this time and today is day one of correcting it.   It all sounded good last Winter and Spring when planning.

So it is back to basics.  For me it starts with weighing and measuring everything.  As I have mentioned in my previous writings (see Exposing Myself) on this blog, the ability to have comfort in my own skin can still be a challenge.  These are some of the things I do to remain centered and on track.  Practicing these principles allows me to move through my days with relative ease.

1.  Weighing myself at least once a week.

Begin.  I have been very conscious of everything I put in my mouth for the past three or four years it has been daily.  For the past twenty years a general theme, some periods of time better than others.   The lie I begin to tell myself when I do not weigh myself regularly is that I can maintain my weight.   I work out, I eat well, I still need my scale.  For some this is unhealthy, for me it is key.  Most times for most healthy adults if our weight is fluctuating more than 10 pounds in a month, there is an issue.  So trying not to be obsessive but knowing where my body is, is a good practice.  I look at it like this, most people would not continue to write checks out of their checkbook without checking their bank balance.  I know by weighing myself if I can afford to splurge a little or carefully skimp.

2.  Weighing and Measuring My Food.

Eye -balling portions can lead to bigger or smaller portions.  Even if we are skilled.  I have a strong bar/restaurant background and can still confidently pour 8,  10 or  12 ounces into containers of various shapes and sizes knowing where the liquid will land.  I can also grab” a handful” of cereal and if I am in the right frame of mind, can find pretty damn close to a half cup at any given time.  On a bad day that 1/2 cup handful is  3/4 of a cup with chocolate chips thrown in… and it goes from there, you get my drift.  So knowing our liabilities by being honest with what they are before situations arise is key.   So I do regularly weigh and measure my food!

3.  Weighing and Measuring Time

A do- over. Epic fail right now, truly.   I started a new journey with the love of my life Chris, we exchanged forever vows in Hawaii in August!   AND a whole bunch of other stuff.  I have had to choose, prioritize, figure out, squeeze in, wiggle, jiggle, giggle and cry.  When they crying began… I decided to take a look.  If you know me, you realize that I have a tremendous amount of energy, a lot of  heart and a super positive attitude of gratitude…  in a few months it’ll all be okay.   I am fast approaching the final training of a 13 month journey to complete my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training  Which lands me at  day one week one,  of taking a look at all of it  going back to weighing and measuring my time and energy.    AND BREATHING!!!

I also have a beautiful family they all have different needs.  I am still very family focused!  I have a wealth of friends and colleagues, by the way if you are reading now, I apologise in writing for not being more present.  I love you all.  I know these are “quality problems”  truly I do.  All of this wealth leads to precious little time for myself.  I am cutting out as much TV as I can for sure, other than that, I am thinking.

4.  Weighing and Measuring  My Resources

Back to basics.  When I don’t stick to these, responses become reactions, which usually require more action.  So when I am taking care of managing my resources: food, relationships, time, energy,money and work, I usually respond instead of react.   This means planning meals, eating right, rest, meditation, time with friends and family.   Sometimes it means planning nothing and saying no!  The newer buzz word for this is holistic self-care    I have learned that being proactive in my life, looking at the big picture, keeps me from being reactive later.  Chris says I am one of the most disciplined people he knows. I guess that is the good news.   I think a lot of us struggle with balance, so I realize I am not alone.   This blog is for me today to remind myself to practice what I preach by actively participating in my own care.

5.  Weighing and Measuring MY GOALS:

Changing my life completely in the past three years; residence, business model, relationship status and more, some by choice and some by necessity, has been rewarding.  I can still “make new mistakes” and learn from them.   Learning about my role as my family grows, evolving and finding peace, has been significant.  Negotiating the changes in my body, mind, spirit, and soul have been profound.