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More then asanas. a lifestyle. a way of being, the breath is a path to meditation, this gentle philosophy has captured my heart.

Begin “The Begin” Again

What an appropriate title for anything done in January.  Change is constant.  The only thing I know for sure is that I want to write.  If you write you are a writer.  People decide if they like it, if they do they keep reading.

The industry in which I work seems to want those of us teaching body movement (of any kind) to offer lots of wisdom, especially in Yoga. I know anatomy, I know people, I know music, I know business.  I do not consider myself wise. I am a student of life, forever. In my family I offer unsolicited “suggestions” a lot.  In my fitness/yoga practice, tips and advice, in my scope.  On this blog, probably just observations.

This year has been one of the most personally challenging I have experienced.  It has also been one of the most rewarding.  SO here I start again, this on and off blogging thing.  If you scroll through the posts, you will realize it. This blog is all over the place as my life has been since I started it.

What I have learned in this time period is something I innately have known all along.  People before things. Learning from mistakes.  Helping when I can, without keeping people from their own growth experience.  Loving unconditionally, Opening  my heart, mind and soul to new ways of thinking and being.  Doing less, owning less, complaining less.  Hugging people who want hugs.  Celebrating and living in gratitude daily. Offering support and compliments whenever possible.  Trying not to assume or take anything for granted.  Discovering new ways to be compassionate. Releasing my paradigm as the only possibility.  Letting go of judgment.  Finding peace inside.

I am excited about the new possibilities in my personal life and my professional life.

Happy New Year!  Blessings for 2014!

Lessons in Santosha

My natural inclination all my life has been to hit the ground running. Our ever-moving culture rewards us for how much we do, how hard we work, how little we sleep and how many items we can check off our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, mental “to do” lists. It seems if we can commiserate it somehow makes this way of being acceptable even admirable. Some folks measure virtue and goodness around how many activities can be packed in a day.

The Sanskrit word for contentment is Santosha. Practicing yoga and connecting with the breath every day has enabled me to find more within my life. The slow shift from “doing” to “being” is nothing short of a miracle. Trying to align my thoughts with who I am vs. what I do, after years of conditioning is a very new way of being which I am learning to love.

Over the spring and summer I had the privilege of an extended visit from my middle daughter Kaci. She stayed at our home for most of her first pregnancy while her husband was deployed to Afghanistan. Focusing on the here and now Kaci lived her life in the moment stringing together days, weeks, finally, months. She disciplined her mind to release all in her life she couldn’t control.

Watching her was beautiful and poignant. She, her younger sister and I spent many days together touching and photographing her growing belly. Hunting and gathering items to be sent in overseas packages became a science, what would parish, what was necessary, what was special and what was fun. Her soldier received gifts filled with her heart. He received a 3-d glimpse of his baby in her womb via high-tech images transferred from computer to paper, mundane yet so important socks, underwear and toiletries, sweet personal touches shared just between the two them, and countless other items. Her days were productive and meaningful. Conversations were positive and hopeful. The example she set was a lesson in choosing thoughts and behaviors making the most of the now. Kaci’s daily mantra was that of many military wives “No news is good news, all is well.” Thankfully my son-in-law arrived home healthy and whole two and a half weeks before the birth of their son born on 11/25/13. On a recent visit to their home, I watched a lovely new family finding joy moment to moment.

Although I have one of those busy daily agendas, today I chose to embrace the simple yet essential moments before and after the tasks at hand. This morning I tasted my coffee, I gazed out my bedroom window watched the sky grow from dark to light. Breathing deeply, I said “thank you’. I already had a wonderful conversation with my eldest daughter Kara. The rest of the day will be filled with meetings, clients and the last regularly scheduled public class I will teach at my studio. “All will be well.” I plan to love my man, call my mom, laugh with my youngest daughter, Dani, and dance. These are the moments that count. No need to compare, compete or complain to myself or with others. Thank you Kaci.

Social Media Break

I have read spiritual writings from every source imaginable since I was a kid. Most of us reach “out there” to find the contentment within. I have made tremendous progress, I want to keep going.

Practicing and teaching yoga has helped me rediscover my authenticity. It is a process, not an event.

I have a few special friends who “knew me when’, who are also on a quest of the heart, mind and spirit. A lot of times I hear my friend Karen’s voice in my mind saying “It is your life so whatcha gonna do?” This questions inspires me to keep deciding, editing and breathing.

The better question for me at this juncture may be “Who ya gonna be?”

I “live out loud” every day; fearlessly sharing my past and present life circumstances as a way to connect. I have said many times I do not believe it is our assets which unite us, but the way we handle our struggles. Many of us believe we are “terminally unique”. We are more alike than not. If my thoughts, feelings and experiences help anyone, great. If not, I am writing almost everyday which is the goal.

I see facebook as one of the best/worst things that has happened to our society. Twitter doesn’t interest me much, my blog posts land there and on Linked In. Those sites do not lure me as facebook does. So for now, for at least a month, I am taking a break from all the hoopla on my page. Nothing earth shattering has happened. Yet after so much participation, promoting my business, sharing inspiring quotes, ad infinitum ( I love is this expression and use it as much as I can) I can say that I am bordering on addiction.

Addiction is rarely good.

Today activities: working with clients, the next to the last day of public classes and taking care of my daughter who is a bit under the weather. I won’t be checking facebook in between. I will be reading my books, petting my dogs and enjoy being “unplugged:!

Finding Balance- Even In Posts!

Writing daily will be a challenge. Balancing how much of my personal story I want to share will be too. I wrote and removed a blog yesterday. It was probably too much information for the message I was trying to send. Many times I think if “my story” will help someone else I should tell as much of it as I am able. Although this is my goal, sometimes the details get in the way of the bigger meaning. Yesterday’s piece was that for sure.

Right after I posted, one of my yoga mentors called me out of the blue about business. As usual we got into a discussion about life. She said…”Shift happens.” She sent me a follow-up email affirming my direction.

With dignity, honor, and respect I am closing the public classes at my studio to develop other areas of my career, my life, my family and my spirit. I am returning the business model of traveling on site to corporate classes, one on one and small group trainings. I have also been asked to help develop a new program in the area I live. The shift is what works best for my life. To those of you who have been with me since the studio opened, I thank you. To those of you who have read with interest about my studio, I send you blessings. It has been a fun ride. I am grateful to have had the experience. Nothing is forever.

To all my local readers:The places in our area offering group fitness are as follows:

Delaware Jazzercise
Delaware EZ FIT
Metro Fitness
Delaware Community YMCA

Making Room For Greatness.

I love to help other women feel strong.  Obviously in my profession, but also in my personal life.  Whether it is my friends, my daughters, my daughters friends, my mom, my mom’s friends, my clients or ad infinitum, I want to provide inspiration for a happier life for each of us.   I am not talking about that bra-burning  “I am woman” stuff of the seventies.  ( Although I like it a lot.)   I am talking about the loving sisterhood of respect.  Honoring each other’s choices with love.   I know this is my mission it is important!   The most healthy societies are those in which women feel empowered.

On any given day each of us can be can be feeling frumpy and fat, fairly frustrated, ferociously feminine, freakishly fanatic, feverishly fetching, fabulously fit, forthright and free,  fashionably funky,  about any other “f” word you might like to add.  Sometimes I can be all of these in one day.

Remember this: Let’s love ourselves, and each other. Let’s support one another’s choices.  Let’s make room in our lives for friends, fashion, fun, fitness, food, freedom and fabulousness.   Let’s compliment each other more.  Let’s hug!   By offering a bit of ourselves, we  make room each of us to shine a little brighter.  We grow happier.  We grow stronger.  We GROW!    And we sparkle!  We feel whole.  It takes nothing away from me to tell my friend how pretty or smart she is.

I am giving a directive, it will change your life.   Offer a sincere compliment to another woman, one a day for a week.  Find something good about your friends, sisters, co-workers, teachers, whomever you want!  Make a genuine observation and say it!    It changes the recipient, for the moment or the day.  It changes the giver, forever.

Try it!